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Newbies Where To Start

We all know how overwhelming it is when you first join a new community, especially one as big as Hogwarts Is Home! So, here is our handy guide to get you started :)

First off, I'd like to introduce your Prefects for this term! We are Holly (brkfastatholly) & Sam (samantha), and we absolutely love HiH and our Puffs! So, without further ado...

• I really recommend the first thing you check out is our Guide For The Newly Sorted. The first steps to be taken are listed there, the communities are briefly explained and there's an FAQ.

• If you want to start earning us some points, check out our Points Earning Guide. The communities are explained in much more detail here, and there are lots of useful links.

• Let us get to know you! Fill out our Introduction Template in the userinfo and post it as a new post to the Common Room! :)

• Register on The System! Your accounts will already have been created for you, so all you need to do is activate them (if you're a returning member, you just need to log back in). Once you're registered, you'll have a vault where all your knuts can be kept :) If at any time you forget your password, just PM either brkfastatholly or samantha, and we can reset it for you :)

• We have our own Big Badger/Little Badger Program, where you can sign up and get a Big Badger to help you around HiH as well as your Prefects :)

• Add your birthday to our Birthday Log so we can send wishes your way when it's your special day!

• If you want some sigtags to use when sorting, check out the Flourish Shops, especially our own Hufflepuff Shops.

• To keep track of activities, we have our own monthly spreadsheet, The Awesome Spreadsheet of Awesome. You don't have to use this, but feel free to put your name down to keep track of what you've done.

• If you have any Questions or Suggestions for us, or even Comments and Complaints, you can go here to voice them, or you can PM either of your Prefects.

• Every month we have our own In-House Activity! To see what it is, go here :)

• Sorting is a great way to get points and welcome new members, and we have our own Sorting Log to help you keep track of the new applications! On the latest post you will find the number of applicants posted this week and links to them if they've already been dropped.

• If at any time you need to leave the community, please let us known on our Leaving and Rejoining Post. We know life can be tough sometimes, so don't feel bad if you have to leave. You'll always be welcomed back with open arms!

That's it for now! You've got the basics of where to start and what to do :) If you ever need to contact us Prefects for anything at all, even if it's just a chat, feel free to PM us!

Your Prefects,
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